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Version Control and Drupal

January 3 2008 : posted under drupal svn cvs

I’ve been using open source software and developing php for a decade or so now - but until recently the two have been fairly separate.

Now I’m working on Drupal I need to keep track of my work - and merge in the changes from ‘upstream’.

here’s the useful info I found …

Drupal advise » Forum » Support » Post installation : Repository setup

Vendor Branches

Subversion Externals

svn load dirs (need for upgrading the vendor release)

CVS to subversion scripts

Update Status (to track new modules)

In the end I’ve decided to put all my projects in one repository (I’ll need to upgrade trac 0.11 soon to host project management on a per project basis)

Each project has a copy of drupal core + contrib modules I plan to use svn:externals to link in my own modules