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Debugging Multiple Concurrent Sessions (AJAX/SOAP)

March 3 2008 : posted under eclipse best practice ajax

I’ve recently been working with AJAX and SOAP which both result in multiple sessions running concurrently.

For example if you have an AJAX progress bar for a large file upload one session is uploading the file while a series of shorter sessions check on progress and update the bar.

How to track both parts of this cleanly has had me scratching my head a bit - but the solution is fiendishly simple.

It turns out that there is a buried configuration setting in Eclipse (my IDE of choice) which allows you to debug multiple sessions.

in Eclipse go to:

Window | Preferences … | PHP | Debug | Installed Debuggers | XDebug | Configure

Then check the box that says ‘Use Multisession’

Lo and Behold the debug pane now has a multisession manager and allows you to see what is happening on both sessions.

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