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Mobile Internet reaching Critical Mass?

July 10 2008 : posted under drupal web 3.0 web 2.0

Interesting report on the state of mobile internet

We offer that mobile Internet is today at a point of sufficient mass to sustain a chain reaction of rapid growth in consumer adoption and, in turn, mobile Internet marketing.

According to this in the UK 16% of mobile phone users use their phones to access the internet.

These users access a much smaller range of sites on their phones than desktop users do.

But the key thing is that there may be enough mobile users to encourage website development to accommodate mobile users, and as the user experience gets better more people will use the mobile net, and from there it all explodes (keeping the critical mass analogy).

What this means for web development is an interesting question. Well managed websites using systems like Drupal will be well placed to take advantage of the new opportunities, reaching new audiences for little extra outlay.