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October 16 2008 : posted under programming svn

I just discovered a nifty little utility

Often working copies are only partially updated, this command gives a very quick command-line summary of the state of the working copy.

It’s not as rich an output as kdesvn which will colour code all the updateable files, but its a standard part of svn so should always be available.


svnversion — Summarize the local revision(s) of a working copy.




svnversion is a program for summarizing the revision mixture of a working copy. The resultant revision number, or revision range, is written to standard output.

TRAIL_URL, if present, is the trailing portion of the URL used to determine if WC_PATH itself is switched (detection of switches within WC_PATH does not rely on TRAIL_URL).


If the working copy is all at the same revision (for example, immediately after an update), then that revision is printed out:

$ svnversion .

For a mixed-revision working copy, the range of revisions present is printed:

$ svnversion .