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Ubuntu 8.10

November 1 2008 : posted under eclipse linux ubuntu 3g svn kde

Having just upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 my key observation is that it’s important to read the release notes first.

There are a few bugs which have affected me

  • there is no bluetooth support in KDE
  • my wifi card only works in the US

(there’s a workaround and I’m back online)

  • Dual head display with xrandr is causing problems

(my screen flashes and KDE is putting widgets in parts of the screen I can’t see)

  • Subversion has moved to version 1.5 and getting Eclipse to use a compatible svn library is proving tricky On the plus side KDE 4.1 is looking very pretty, and the move to subversion 1.5 will be very useful in the long run.

I had hoped to get my 3G connection working as a previous update seems to have broken it - but so far still no joy.


There’s a solution for the Kubuntu Intrepid Dual Monitor Blinking

issue here: