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December 8 2008 : posted under technology

I have far too many books, both technical and diversionary, I read a great deal online, and still find myself printing a lot out: so I’ve been interested in the new generation of ereaders.

The devices seem pretty good, certainly the text is very clear, capacity and battery life are reportedly great.

I’ve tried out the open source project caliber which can convert various formats into ebook format.

But it seems these books only really display text well, I wasn’t at all happy with the results of converting from A4 PDF documents (from O’Reilly books) the resulting pages were terribly laid out.

I’m also very surprised to find books to be more expensive electronically.

The e-ink technology looks great - I look forward to larger devices with better ability to display tables and fonts.

In the meantime I’m sticking with books, printouts, and my laptop.