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version control with Git

April 2 2009 : posted under drupal svn git

I’ve been intrigued by git for a while, but as a long time user of svn I’m kinda cautious about moving on.

So today I had some time and used it to read up on the pros and cons, as well as try things out a bit.

It seems to me that git is clearly the better system; but that svn has the advantage of maturity.

Git in itself seems to have grown up, it’s just that the supporting infrastructure and developer experience is still limited.

But - where I think git has a huge advantage is they way that you an import projects from cvs or svn - keep the history and crucially to commit your changes back.

In the work I do with Drupal I’ve found having my repository so separate from the central project to be frustrating.

What I hadn’t realised before today is that git gives me the benefits of having a distributed version control system - without the central project (in this case Drupal) needing to change anything.

Linus has again created a wonderfully disruptive technology that puts more power in the hands of developers.

I cloned my git repository from git://

It was so fast I thought it hadn’t worked!