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Going Google

November 25 2009 : posted under google android cloud

I seem to be progressively going Google, it started with search but for a long time I resisted the lure of Google’s other treats.

However since I got an Android phone I’ve been getting slowly sucked in with accounts on Gmail, Picassa, Google, Calender, and now Google Apps

One thing I found out is that you can’t upgrade from a Gmail account to a Google Apps one what you have to do is create a new account and do a lot of exporting/importing.

A Google apps account allows you to use your own domain name for email, and manage all accounts at that domain but is otherwise not so different to a Gmail account.

The lack of upgrade path is a pain but the actual account creation and migration process was easy; I had my email going to the new account within half an hour.

The next snag was updating my Android phone to use the new account; there is no obvious way to do this but a bit of googling gave me the answer:

Go to Setting > Application > Manage Application

Then for each of

  • Gmail
  • Gmail storage
  • Google apps
  • Google search

“clear data”

You should shortly be prompted to enter your new account details.

Make sure you have imported your contacts and calender to the new account before doing this so that your cleared data gets restored quickly.