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CVS for subversion users

December 30 2009 : posted under svn cvs reminder to self

I’ve been using version control for a long time, but I haven’t used CVS much since the first day I tried Subversion.

(Git seems great but isn’t the same kind of drop-in upgrade that CVS to Subversion was)

Things I forgot

  1. CVS doesn’t do the nice recursive add that subversion does At the start of a project you need to run cvs import
  2. CVS expands keywords by default - this is a problem if like me you want to merge in changes from someone else CVS repository as both sites have changes the keywords Disable keyword changing by updating with cvs up -d -ko
  3. CVS doesn’t add back deleted directories cvs up -d
  4. CVS doesn’t have a nice equivalent of svn status cvs -q up Not quite the same as it will update stuff - but it does tell you which local files have changed
  5. Tagging seems OK but doesn’t quite do the same thing cvs tag