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Make Drush support PHP-5.1

December 30 2009 : posted under php drupal drush redhat json

Drupal has a fairly easy to meet set of requirements

But Drupal projects are free to set their own rules in this area and Drush has used functions only available in PHP 5.2 - as far as I can see this is just the json functions.

Frustratingly the latest version of RedHat provides PHP 5.1 and this is the second time I’ve run into the problem with a client who uses RedHat and understandably wants to stick to the standard packages.

Drush provides command line access to Drupal functions and so is incredibly useful - but not quite critical enough for a platform re-evaluation.

Since my project was using a JSON class anyway I decided to get Drush working using this class instead of requiring PHP 5.1