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Moving an svn repository to integrate with trac

February 2 2010 : posted under ubuntu svn trac

I just started on a project that was using trac and subversion but they weren’t integrated. I love the cross referncing trac provides. It can really help explain changesets and show how an issue was resolved.

The steps to add subversion to trac are

  • Stop people using the old repository
  • copy the repository files from one server to the other I used tar and scp
  • edit trac.ini to add the location of the respository
    Trac and svn must be on the same server
  • run trac-admin resync
    This imports all the svn history.

I enabled access to subversion via apache SSL while I could get access via the browser checking out code with different tools gave the follwoing errors

svn: OPTIONS of '': 200 OK

svn: PROPFIND of '/svn': 405 Method Not Allowed

svn: Server sent unexpected return value (405 Method Not Allowed) in response to PROPFIND request for '/svn'

Thanks to I found out that my problem was an extraneous trailing slash in my Apache config!

I then ran svn relocate (right click on the repository using eclipse in the subversion perspective).

I moved Trac to SSL for good measure - changing the location on the task repository in eclipse was straightforward.

And as a finishing touch I customised Trac by adding a project logo - it goes in trac/htdocs/mylogo.png and is referenced in trac.ini as site/mylogo.png - I’ve failed this step before but actually read the docs this time.