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Drupal as URL shortener

February 22 2010 : posted under drupal shorturl

Drupal has a couple of modules which allow you to produce your own type website - complete with your own tracking etc.

This has been extended for use by the US government at and the code re-released to the community.

This mainly adds statistics gathering and reporting

Unfortunately the module maintainer has chosen not to integrate these changes back into the module at - issue here :

So now the patch doesn’t apply cleanly unless you checkout an old version of the module from CVS like this

NB the password for anonymous access to CVS is “anonymous”

cvs -d login
cvs co contributions/modules/shorturl
cd contributions/modules/shorturl/
cvs update -r DRUPAL-6--1  -D 2009-12-01
patch -p0 < shorturl_1.patch


I’ve managed to merge both branches of development and the bugfix at

This module is very much a development version - I’ve incorporated several peoples' work and the result seems to work OK - but test before using.

Download an updated version of the module