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Device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization.

May 2 2012 : posted under linux virtualbox redhat centos networking

I had a centos VM that I hadn’t used in a while, I think I cloned it from another version.

When I came to use it again I had no network andtrying to start the network I got the error message in the title.

There seem to be a few issues

Firstly networking isn’t enabled by default

Secondly the cloned image appears to get a different mac address for the network card, but the config doesn’t auto detect this

Thirdly the new machine seemed to have eth1 instead of eth0

and finally I needed to enable dhcp

What this meant was copying the new mac address from the virtualbox network settings tab (inserting a colon every second charecter  to match the format required)

I placed this in both




Where I also set


Finally /etc/init.d/networking restart got my network up