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Puppet - apache virtualhost Docroot provided by rpm

March 11 2013 : posted under puppet rpm

This has been annoying to work out.

The puppet apache module will by default create the document root for a virtualhost if it is not already defined. But since I wanted the documentroot to be managed by a custom RPM I don’t have a reference to the actual directory in puppet.

It seems the thing to do is to create file named after the document root - but with an alternate path property. This way puppet/apache knows not to create the documentroot, and the one I make in puppet doesn’t then get in the way of the RPM one.

  apache::vhost { 'www.vagrant':
    priority        => '10',
    port            => '80',
    docroot         => "/var/www/html/foo",
    docroot_owner   => 'root',
    docroot_group   => 'root',
    override        => 'All',
    require         => Package['foo'],

  file {'/var/www/html/foo':
      path => "/usr/share/doc/foo",
      content => "Puppet needs a file with an object name of teh docroot defined, this is that dummy file, the real docroot is defined in an rpm\n ",
      owner => root,