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Script to download all jenkins job configs

May 10 2013 : posted under jenkins


$options = getopt("", array("server:", "login:", "ssl"));

if (!isset($options['server'])) {

	echo "
        Download all job config files from jenkins and place in the specified directory

        If copies of those config files already exist they will be overwritten

   usage : $argv[0] --server=jenkins.localdomain:8080 [--login=user:pass] [--directory=/home/me/somedir/] [--ssl]

        --server= (required) servername and port separated by a colon (unless on port 80 when just server name will do)
        --login=  username and password separated by a colon
        --directory= path to the directory you want the configs dropped in (defaults to the location of this script: " . dirname(__FILE__) . ")
        --ssl (if the server is https)


if (isset($options['login'])) {
	$url = $options['login'] . "@" . $options['server'];
} else {
	$url = $options['server'];

$protocol = isset($options['ssl']) ? "https" : "http";

print "$url\n";
$result = file_get_contents("${protocol}://${url}/api/json");
#print "$result\n\n";
$data = json_decode($result);



foreach($data->jobs as $job) {
	print "$job->name\n";

	if (!is_dir("$job->name")) {
	$config = file_get_contents("${protocol}://${url}/job/" . rawurlencode($job->name) . "/config.xml");
	file_put_contents("$job->name/config.xml", $config);