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October 31 2014 : posted under drupal security sql sql injection drupageddon

Drupal has been in the new today for all the wrong reasons

Millions of websites hit by Drupal hack attack

Drupal sites had “hours” to patch before attacks started

Drupal users: Assume your site was hacked if you didn’t apply Oct. 15 patch immediately

Did Drupal Drop The Ball? Users Who Didn’t Update Within 7 Hours ‘Should Assume They’ve Been Hacked’

The biggest headache for me was the Public Service Announcement which is clearly written to alarm users into updating.

We did update our clients site - within 24 hours which at the time seemed pretty good considering the timezones and chaneg control processes involved.

Fortunately we also reload our entire database and other content on each deploy - so even though we took longer than 7 hours to update we consider we are pretty safe (never say 100%) and beyond that we have a lot of other security in place.

However I find myself wondering what else we could have done.

I wish we had a member on the drupal security team - that seems to have helped some people.

I see now there were a couple of (low key) advance notices

I will try to pay better attention to those in the future, but we may also have to enhance our out of hours work, the security annoucment came in at the end of the day - perhaps we will ahve to work overnight another time to review, test, and help the client upgrade.

Hopefully good will come from the thread at Follow up Drupageddon responsibly

Drupal will need to learn and grow from this.