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git stash save message

March 18 2015 : posted under git

git stash is a great way to save work switch branch and then get back your half completed work from earlier

But I work on many projects, am often playing around with something, get pulled onto the next thing - and I often have stashed work kicking around

By default git stash saves the work but the git list just gives some id for each stash like

stash@{0}: WIP on master: 2166e26 foo
stash@{1}: WIP on master: 2166e26 foo
stash@{2}: WIP on master: 2166e26 foo
stash@{3}: WIP on master: 2166e26 foo
stash@{4}: WIP on master: 2166e26 foo

better is to do

git stash save "some description of the work"

Then laster git stash list can tell you what each stash is

stash@{0}: On master: bufix #123
stash@{1}: On master: feature foo
stash@{2}: On master: feature abc
stash@{3}: On master: feature xyz

Much better for reminding me what these things were.