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Integrating Selenium and Hudson

May 12, 2011 , posted under php drupal testing agile selenium phpunit simpletest hudson

Hudson is a continuous integration server - it runs and monitors ‘jobs’ in a way that is useful to regularly build software and report on any errors.

Selenium is a suite of tools specifically for testing web applications - it tests the full website by automating the running of one or more browsers (so you can test all that pointy clicky ajaxy stuff)

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Cross Platform Testing with Selenium and VirtualBox

April 27, 2009 , posted under php testing agile virtualbox selenium

As well as following standards such as those laid down by I always try and test websites I develop across a range of browsers. Despite improvements in compatibility in recent years, browsers do still vary in implementation and even relatively minor browsers are still used by large numbers of people.

However all this testing can be hard to keep on top of and sometimes I just have to push out what seems like a small code change with only limited testing.

I’m aiming to automate as much testing as possible, this is a little more work up front - but makes re-running tests trivial and so more likely to happen.

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Continuous Integration Testing for Drupal with CruiseControl (part 1)

April 8, 2009 , posted under php drupal testing svn cruisecontrol unit testing agile phpundercontrol

I recently finished work on a project that really suffered from a lack of build tools.

It was a large project, and while many of us were keen on writing tests we weren’t able to get management sign of to spend some time automating the test process. So even though we did some of the work we didn’t get all the benefits.

It was really frustrating to come back to a piece of work that was well covered by unit tests, only to find those tests broken

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