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Can't login to Drupal (404)

April 25, 2012 , posted under drupal apache mod-rewrite

I’ve been working on a project for a while on my main dev machine, but needed to run it on my laptop too.

Usually copying a site across is quick but this time I re-installed the OS too, everything went OK except for some reason I couldn’t log in to my drupal site.

Eventually I noticed that while the site appeared to be working, every page was being served with a 404 header.

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How to create your own Wayback Machine

February 23, 2005 , posted under linux apache

I’ve long been impressed with the wayback machine and found it very useful to find things that have disappeared from the rest of the Internet.

I use cvs a lot in software development and find it a real life saver to be able to restore any file I have been working on at any point in it’s history. This really helps me to find out when and why things went wrong, saving me from making the same mistakes again.

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