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Migrating from Drupal 5 to Octopress

October 21, 2014 , posted under drupal octopress blogging long-term

I’ve been running this blog (or some version of it) for almost 10 years now.

I write to help clarify my own thoughts, or to note down technical details of a task that I have struggled to figure out. I often found myself coming back and have saved many hours of trying to figure out the same thing again a year or more later.

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How to use google comments on your blog

November 19, 2013 , posted under google comments blogging

To use google plus comments on your site all you need to do is insert the following code on the page where you want the comments to appear

url should be the full url to the page, then any comments in google plus with this url will appear to any user who can see them (ie public comments or those from people in the viewers circles).

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