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Drupal Module for CKAN Integration

February 24, 2010 , posted under drupal ckan

Here’s a basic Drupal Module that pulls CKAN data into Drupal.

It provides a simple search interface - when the user views a CKAN package for the first time a corresponding node is created.

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Accessing CKAN data from PHP

February 23, 2010 , posted under php drupal ckan open data

I’ve been working on a couple of open data projects recently - which has been very rewarding.

A couple of people have asked for some code so I’ve knocked up a quick version of the sort of thing I’ve been working on.

This code requires PHP 5.1 for the JSON functions but doesn’t need any extra libraries (pecl_http can give better error messages but is a bit of a pain to install).

The Notes field in packages returns output in Markdown format - you can convert this to HTMl with a parser available at

This isn’t production code so please test before using.

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