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CVS for subversion users

December 30, 2009 , posted under svn cvs reminder to self

I’ve been using version control for a long time, but I haven’t used CVS much since the first day I tried Subversion.

(Git seems great but isn’t the same kind of drop-in upgrade that CVS to Subversion was)

Things I forgot

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creating a patch from cvs

January 11, 2008 , posted under drupal cvs

specifically I wanted to create a patch equal to the changes between two versions of Drupal - but it turns out that a packaging script adds some info to releases that isn’t in the cvs version so this doesn’t quite do what I wanted.

it’s still useful though …

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Version Control and Drupal

January 3, 2008 , posted under drupal svn cvs

I’ve been using open source software and developing php for a decade or so now - but until recently the two have been fairly separate.

Now I’m working on Drupal I need to keep track of my work - and merge in the changes from ‘upstream’.

here’s the useful info I found …

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