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Debugging with Maven and Eclipse

November 19, 2014 , posted under eclipse maven debugging java

To use eclipse with Maven you need to add the maven plugin to eclipse, it seems to be part of the Indigo update site so this should be straightforward.

It’s also at

More instructions at

To run the debugger you need to do two things: you need to tell maven to run surefire, and run a remote java debug listening to that surefire

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Debugging SOAP with Xdebug and Eclipse

October 14, 2010 , posted under php eclipse xdebug soap

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a project which is providing as well as consuming web services.

In this case I need to debug incoming requests that are not initiated from with the browser (I’m using soapui as a test tool).

In order to allow Eclipse to pick up xdebug responses triggered by requests from soapui I just needed to

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xdebug and Eclipse

July 21, 2009 , posted under php eclipse xdebug pdt

xdebug is an immensely powerful tool for exploring what your code really does.

You can get a long way using print_r but ultimately this always requires that you predict the path your code will take - and the tricky bit about debugging is you need it when your predications have gone wrong.

It’s generally pretty easy to set up

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subversion + = proxy trouble

June 8, 2008 , posted under eclipse linux programming

If you try to access a subversion repository over http while using a 3G connection from you may receive an error message like.

svn: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/repos’ svn: Processing PROPFIND request response failed: Premature end of file. (/repos)

This is because uses a proxy to interecept web traffic on their network.

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