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git stash save message

March 18, 2015 , posted under git

git stash is a great way to save work switch branch and then get back your half completed work from earlier

But I work on many projects, am often playing around with something, get pulled onto the next thing - and I often have stashed work kicking around

By default git stash saves the work but the git list just gives some id for each stash like

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Git Integration branch based workflow

February 16, 2015 , posted under git Version Control

The branching strategy I’ve found most effective and flexible is to use one branch per release version that is used for integration and feature branches off these for everything else.

It’s hard to visualise and I’ve tried drawing graphs but once I build in enough features to make the graph meaningful it is no longer easy to interpret.

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Blocking git commits from future merges

August 15, 2013 , posted under svn git version control

I used to use subversion and svnmerge a lot, and there’s just one thing I miss about it. Now svnmerge is a tool to bolt on merge tracking to svn, and gits merge tracking is vastly better in many ways. But the one thing that svnmerge allowed me to do that was cool and doesn’t have a real equivalent in git is to block commits

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git files with local changes I don't want committed

March 25, 2013 , posted under git

I’m working on a project where I find I want to semi-regularly adjust a config file for local testing, but want to be sure I don’t commit that file by mistake.

Seems the best approach is

git update-index --skip-worktree $filename

This tells git to skip this file when I push, if the remote file changes it will warn me

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mini scripts to obtain git id/branch/tag

February 5, 2013 , posted under git

$new_branch=$1 # passed as param

current_branch="$(git symbolic-ref HEAD 2>/dev/null)"

current_id=$(git rev-parse --short origin/$current_branch)

new_id=$(git rev-parse --short origin/$new_branch)

last_tag=$(git describe --abbrev=0 --tags)

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Git submodules and subtrees

November 26, 2012 , posted under git

Git has the concept of both submodules and subtrees, there seem to be some problems with each solution, nether being well loved as far as I can see.

Both add significant complexity to a project, and require extra care - but the alternative is monolithic projects or a lot of copy-pasting.

Submodules allow another git repo to be nested inside the main one, you can then commit to either repo from the same filesystem.

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Git log of live site vs master

July 16, 2012 , posted under git

One liner to grab a git log summarising what will change when you push teh next release.

For this to work you need to keep the deployed tag in VERSION.TXT

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