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Jenkins Build script for Drupal - multistep with changelogs

September 28, 2012 , posted under drupal jenkins ci

My build script has been getting more complex lately and I’m quite pleased with it.

We tend to have several versions of code on the go, version x is live, x+1 is in UAT, and x+2 is in development. With all these versions around it’s important to keep track of changelogs, and to upgrade correctly x to x+1, and then x+1 to x+2 as we have found that going direct from x to x+2 can fail to uncover some bugs. Specifically this happens if a drupal update hook gets edited after it has been released to the client, but before it has run on live. Our builds always start from a copy of the live site.

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Jenkins Build artifacts - subdirectories

June 1, 2012 , posted under jenkins ci

It took me an unreasonable amount of guesswork to figure out how to get jenkins to archive files at multiple folder levels

In the end this line worked for me


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