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non-root packet capture in wireshark

December 3, 2014 , posted under linux network

There are lots of blogs about this already - but I didn’t quite understand at first so here’s my take …

Wireshark is a large and somewhat vulnerable program - best not to run it as root (especially as you may be looking a suspicious traffic)

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Reinstall grub after windows breaks it

February 12, 2013 , posted under linux windows grub

One of those things that happens from time to time on a dual boot system…

Windows breaks grub, usually if I’ve reinstalled windows, this can lead to a unbootable system.

Boot from a Ubuntu (or other distro) live disk or USB stick.

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Monitor filesystem for deletions

September 28, 2012 , posted under drupal linux inotify-tools

On a project I’m working on at the moment we have a problem, files are going missing.

We don’t know which part of the system could be trashing these files (user uploaded images in this case) and they are on a shared filesystem so there are plenty of places to point fingers.

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verbose remote ssh (with echo)

January 20, 2012 , posted under linux bash ssh sysadmin

I usually manage website deployment with bash scripts that run remote commands on the servers

In order that I can see what is going on and debug any errors verbose output is useful.

Running “bash -ex” causes each line to be output as it progresses and halt on any error so that you don’t miss it.

within the remote command “set -x” cause bash to echo all commands

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