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Puppet vs Ansible

March 13, 2015 , posted under puppet ansible

Some thoughts - I’ve used puppet for a while and ansible more recently.

Ansible is easier to get started with

Puppet sequencing can be hard - and occasionally you get bugs appearing in odd places where there was a dependency that you hadn’t noticed - but things happened to work OK until some change

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Satellite vs Puppet

November 20, 2012 , posted under puppet satellite spacewalk configuration management devops

I’ve been using Puppet for a little while and am now working on a project that will be using RedHat’s Satellite (the upstream project is Spacewalk).

I haven’t really used puppet in anger on production systems yet, I’m referring to the open source edition of Puppet, and have only read about Satellite, but I didn’t find much comparison out there so thought it worth writing up what I’ve found.

They key differences that strike me are

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