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SSL problems in Jmeter and Java 1.7

March 11, 2015 , posted under jmeter java testing

When using jmeter on an ssl enabled site I was seeing an error

SSL handshake alert: unrecognized_name error

But I’d read that since jmeter version 2.4 ssl should work fine

It turns out that Java 7 introduced a feature (SNI support) and can trigger this error in some circumstances.

As workaround you can disable this feature by setting the property jsse.enableSNIExtension to false.

and run jmeter like

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Selenium test for computedStyle

June 28, 2011 , posted under css testing selenium

I wanted to write some automated tests for CSS changes and bugs, these type of issues are quite prone to regression so re-running the tests has a large benefit.

It is possible to add new assertions to selenium via the user-extensions.js file

The following adds a test for computed style, this only works in firefox as far as I know - but some automation is better than none

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Selenium UI-Elements Rollups

June 2, 2011 , posted under testing selenium dry

I wasn’t 100% clear from the docs how to implement rollup rules in selenium ui-elements and searching the web didn’t return much - so here’s an example in case it’s helpful to others.

Add this to the user-extensions.js file

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Selenium UI-Elements

May 19, 2011 , posted under drupal testing selenium

While playing around with selenium IDE I discovered a fantatsic tool that makes test (and results) more readable while making the suite of tests easier to adapt to layout changes.

What it does is to allow you to centrally define most of the xpath (and related) statements and give page elements meaningful names.

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Integrating Selenium and Hudson

May 12, 2011 , posted under php drupal testing agile selenium phpunit simpletest hudson

Hudson is a continuous integration server - it runs and monitors ‘jobs’ in a way that is useful to regularly build software and report on any errors.

Selenium is a suite of tools specifically for testing web applications - it tests the full website by automating the running of one or more browsers (so you can test all that pointy clicky ajaxy stuff)

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Testing PHP

May 12, 2009 , posted under php testing unit testing testfest phplondon

I had fun this weekend at the PHP London Test Fest, it was a great opportunity to learn something new and meet some great programmers.

The tests our team took on were based around the SPLiterators I hadn’t used this part of PHP before and it was a great way to learn about it, especially as many of the functions we tested aren’t documented yet.

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simpletest vs phpunit

May 6, 2009 , posted under php drupal testing

There are two main options for unit testing PHP: simpletest and phpunit

They both do a lot of the same stuff, both have the ability to run suites of tests and create mock objects.

Simpletest has a built in webTestCase which allows you to perform some integration as well as unit testing.

An example web test for simpletest is:

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