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Dual Head Display Dell Inspiron 1525 Ubuntu

July 16, 2008 , posted under linux ubuntu

One of the few things that Linux hasn’t done well is allowing the user to add or change monitors.

dual head screenshot

It looks like this is changing with the new utility xrandr.

I haven’t fine tuned this yet (or even tested it much) but I do have a dual head display - with the virtual screen spanning two displays.

I’ll come back and document this properly - but for now here’s what I did.

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Configuring Audio for Skype Dell Inspiron 1525 Ubuntu 8

June 24, 2008 , posted under linux ubuntu

This is a very old blog post which has lost

The audio controls for the Dell hardware are less than obvious; I didn’t even notice that there is a built in microphone.

Below are screen grabs of the settings that work for me - giving audio at the right levels for Skype calls.

On the settings tab; ensure “capture” is enabled, “digital” seems to control the mic level - I found midway to be about right - higher levels caused distortion.

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