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Debugging SOAP with Xdebug and Eclipse

October 14, 2010 , posted under php eclipse xdebug soap

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a project which is providing as well as consuming web services.

In this case I need to debug incoming requests that are not initiated from with the browser (I’m using soapui as a test tool).

In order to allow Eclipse to pick up xdebug responses triggered by requests from soapui I just needed to

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xdebug and Eclipse

July 21, 2009 , posted under php eclipse xdebug pdt

xdebug is an immensely powerful tool for exploring what your code really does.

You can get a long way using print_r but ultimately this always requires that you predict the path your code will take - and the tricky bit about debugging is you need it when your predications have gone wrong.

It’s generally pretty easy to set up

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